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What we do?

Demos 2 Go delivers customizable marketing solutions to grow your brand. We provide dedicated onsite customer engagements to promote sales and grow your brand combined with enhanced marketing, memorable product experiences and promotional support through real-time social & digital marketing

Enhance brand awareness

Build Brand image awareness

Facilitate Product trial and usage

Capture real-time Customer feedback

Live Market Research surveys and questionnaires

Comparative Tests

Explore what’s important for customers - features & benefits

Test Marketing & Promotion Messaging

Confirm Packaging

Rebate and Coupon support at point of sale

Sales support

In Store Demonstrations

Customer Engagements bring your product to life! -

Utilize our talented, sales-oriented Customer Engagement Specialists for your live in-store product demonstrations. Build your brand awareness and promote customer trial and purchase. We achieve this together by aligning and recruiting the appropriate outgoing, sales-oriented talent that meets your desired needs to represent your product and help build Brand awareness.

Event Support

We can Staff, Coordinate and Manage your special events!

If your Marketing plan includes promoting your Brand and Products at Events, you can now expand your reach utilizing our Customer Engagement Specialists to staff multiple events. Super Charge your new product launches, introduce line extensions, and educate consumers on the features and benefits your product offers. Together with our Customer Engagement Specialists working for you, accomplish all of these objectives while growing your brand and enhancing your product’s image.

Partnering together you can participate in multiple functions across different geographical locations at the same time. We can help simplify your marketing efforts, accelerate product adoption, and increase your sales all leading to a healthy bottom line.

Convention & Trade Shows

Planning, Staffing and Manage all aspects on location!

If your Marketing plan includes promoting your Brand and Products at Conventions & Trade Shows, utilize our marketing services and Customer Engagement Specialists to help ensure your event is a success. Our Customer Engagement Specialists can introduce new products, enhance existing product brand awareness, and deliver technical messages to your targeted audiences.

Social & Digital Support

Develop and deploy tools to Build brand awareness & Sell products!

In today's environment to stay competitive your Marketing Plan must include social and digital promotional tools to grow your business. By applying the correct social and digital tools we can enhance outcomes, support brand awareness, and drive sales towards a larger audience. Enhance outcomes at live events using social media support for your brand and utilizing digital advertising programs to leverage pre-event, real-time, and post event opportunities with:

Facebook Posts




Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Bing Ads

Marketing Solutions

Market Driven Process planning and implementation for your Brand and Products!

In today’s competitive environment and crowded market it’s more important than ever to adopt and live the Market-Driven Process within and across your organization. Working together we will provide support and direction developing your 4 P’s - Product Strategy, Place strategy, Promotion Strategy and Price Strategy.

Before we develop Marketing Plans and work through strategies, before we can even think about creating a Scope of Work for a partner, we first sit down together and develop a Creative Brief to make sure we are aligned with your organizations Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Planning and strategy development utilizing the Market Driven Process requires data which is turned into information that can be acted upon. Golden Ratio Marketing, our parent company, can help create a market analysis programs that work within your budget.

Our goal is to align Marketing Plans which delivers upon your organizations KPIs – then implementing your plan which triggers promotions, marketing programs, and contract initiatives which will move customers through the purchase lifecycle, reducing attrition and driving long-term customer relationships.

Example working through a Creative Brief

Background – Why are you doing this? Build brand awareness? Product awareness? Promote Trial? Drive Sales?

Objective– What is this program trying to achieve? Short term? Long term?

Target Audience– Who is this for?

Promise– What are you offering? What features & benefits, packaging, pricing, engineering sets us apart?

Support Your Promise– What the proof in the pudding? Can you brand and product support your Promise?

Key Message– What do you want your audience to come away with?

Remember, the Market-Driven Process needs to leverage data to better understand where our customer’s mind is and where we are in our products’ life-cycle. What are the purchasing habits that will trigger promotional/marketing programs and contract initiatives to move customers down the path of purchase. Together we will adapt our Market-Drive Process planning with this information and move through the customer lifecycle, reducing attrition and driving long-term customer relationships.

As we go through the process you will be asked to provide your insights, thoughts and learnings so as we develop KPIs that stretch us and we can achieve! Here are a few questions to start your thought process:

Q:Have we done this before?

Q:How will this increase incremental sales?

Q:Who’s the target?

Q:What is the goal of the campaign?

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